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Valves Area

Area shutoff valves are essential components in gas distribution systems, especially in single-stage systems or downstream of reduction units in second-stage distribution systems. These valves are typically equipped with a main shutoff valve, a power and emergency maintenance point, and a pressure switch. They also complement their function with an emergency clinical alert system to ensure the safety of users.

Area shutoff valves can be supplied with terminal units complying with different standards, and all have a physical disconnection device. Valve inlet and outlet piping is chrome plated for durability and is usually pre-assembled inside a carpentry. The choice of carpentry can be wide and can include flush-mount or exterior wall installation options. These carpentries are made of metal material, painted with non-toxic epoxy powders, and can be treated with an embossed finish for added strength.

All valves used are suitable for use with oxygen and are 97/23/EEC (PED) compliant and PN64 marked to ensure compliance with safety regulations. In addition, area shut-off valves are available for the Italian market, which also include VV.F. switch valves. This combination offers additional options and flexibility for gas flow control.

Carpentry supplied with area shutoff valves has a frangible plexiglass panel and can be equipped with a built-in alarm upon request. These additional features help ensure safe operation of the system and enable rapid identification and resolution of any emergency situations.

In conclusion, area shutoff valves are important components in gas distribution systems and offer a range of functions and features that ensure system safety and reliability. They are designed to meet specific plant requirements, offering a wide range of installation and customization options to suit different applications.


Epoxy and Non-toxic


Directive 97/23/EEC (PED) and marked PN64

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