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Decompression Units


The automatic exchange unit, suitable for the administration of medical gases such as Oxygen, Air, Nitrous Oxide, is one of the top devices in our product range. Made both with manual exchange and with pneumatic reverser (the latter represents true autonomy with exchanges independent of human intervention) it offers very high standards of reliability and safety. The power unit guarantees stable pressures together with a flow rate that can meet most design requirements. The range produced includes three product sizes, 40mc/h, 100mch, 160mc/h. 
The quality of the components is guaranteed by careful controls at all production stages and numerous adiabatic compression tests at accredited centres.

The decompression unit guarantees stable pressures and sufficient flow to meet most design requirements. Our production range includes three product sizes: 40 mc/h, 100 mc/h and 160 mc/h. Each power plant is manufactured using high-quality components, which are subjected to rigorous testing at all stages of production. In addition, the components are subjected to numerous adiabatic compression tests at accredited centres, both for maximum pressures of 200 bar and 300 bar.The decompression unit represents a reliable and safe solution for handling medical gases. Thanks to its advanced operating characteristics, it offers an effective alternative for the administration of oxygen, air and nitrous oxide, guaranteeing stable pressures and sufficient flow for various medical applications. Our product range is adaptable to different needs, allowing you to choose the size of unit best suited to your specific project requirements.

We are committed to ensuring the highest quality and safety of our products in order to offer reliable and high-performance solutions in the field of decompression power packs.

Models available in both single-stage and double-stage, in both EN 7396-1 and HTM 2022 standards



from 40mc/h @ 8 bar


22 KG



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