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Attention to all details makes an ordinary product, an excellent one.


DZ Medicale not only manufactures and installs medical products but also takes care of its customers before during and after the sale and installation of medical equipment, medical gas systems, and veterinary equipment. We offer a full 360-degree experience on our products, making sure that everything is tailored and thought out to the needs of each individual customer. If there are questions, things that need to be customized, special and uncommon needs, we are always ready to offer our experience, gained in 40 years of work in this field at the service of our partners and clients in Italy and abroad. The joy and satisfaction of making perfect products for all kinds of needs is integral to and motivates our team to always achieve better results with innovative engineering solutions, thinking outside the box, and turning problems in our path into reassuring solutions. Safety and precision are the basis of this entire process, which not only raises the quality standards of our company, but also allows us to guarantee the peace of mind necessary for the use of our products.


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