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“Vertical” Bed Head Unit

Welcome to our section dedicated to Bed Head Units.

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“Vertical” Bed Head Unit

“Vertical” Bed Head Unit are particularly in demand in patient rooms in medical clinics, where one central unit can serve two beds. Depending on their application, they are equipped with the connections for medical gases, high and low voltage electrical distribution, media outlets.

Gas Piping

medical copper tubing complying with EN 13348

Antibacterial Treatment

Plates and switches are available with antibacterial treatment.


Customizable upon request

oxyone medical devices - illustrazione illuminazione TTL

All LEDs used pass the strictest safety standards, and the diffusers covering the illuminating part are chosen with a fire resistance class higher than those required by the normal standard.

The power supply points present, can be individually assembled and protected to keep patients and nurses safe, following different standards such as CEE 7/4 (schuko type F) , UNEL 2P+T1O/16A two-pole, French 2-pole type E, or BS 1363.

illustrazione TTL configurazione IT

All Bed Head Units can be equipped with a ‘rotating rod, a hook for IV bags, and a standard 30X10 bar that is placed at the bottom of the profile. Numerous electrical solutions, nurse call and lights, equipotential sockets , rope switch, sockets can be found on the front RJ11 and RJ45 data and other equipment That can be inserted on demand. Plates and switches are also available with antibacterial treatment.

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