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Completions of medical implants

Welcome to our section on medical implant completions

Completions of medical implants

Thanks to strategic agreements with important Italian partners, the company can offer the following products to complete the range offered and to guarantee the customer a unique technical interface at competitive prices:

  • EN 13348 medical tubing, for distributive use in gas systems, with rod diameters from 10×1 to 54×2
  • Vacuum unit plants complete with bactericidal units and electrical control and pump control panels, on tank in two-pump or three-pump execution, up to 300mc/h
  • Blower unit systems for anesthetic gas evacuation, complete with control unit, up to 220mc/h
  • Air compression unit installations, with tanks, dryers, and condensate drains. Also complemented by filter batteries to make the output air comply with the official Pharmacopoeia

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