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Ramps with purge valves

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Ramps with purge valves

Ramps connect several cylinders together for the purpose of constituting a supply source of a technical gas distribution system when it is not necessary or required to use the automatic exchange plant. In fact, a pressure reducer suitable for centralized gas distribution can be connected to the single ramp, using pressure transducers or pressure switches to monitor cylinder charge pressure. Each cylinder station is equipped with a manual shut-off valve and an automatic check valve that can prevent dangerous and unwanted gas transfer from one cylinder to another. Made entirely of high-purity brass, the manifolds are mounted on stainless steel frames and available from one to five places. Equipped with a purge valve if one is not available mounted on the exchange decompression unit, they are also equipped with a high-pressure block for sensor housing. DZ Medicale guarantees its ramps, like all pure gas devices, with single-component testing, and with specific markings and labeling to individual Customers, an absolute guarantee of quality and traceability.


20 Nmc/h @ 800 kPa


6,8 KG



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