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Flow-metering devices play a crucial role in delivering medical gases directly to patients through facial masks or nasal cannulas. Our range of Flowmeters for medical oxygen and air is among our top-selling products. They are available with flows ranging from 15lt/min to 30lt/min. These devices have proven invaluable during the COVID-19 pandemic for the treatment of viral diseases.
To ensure accurate delivery under varying conditions of temperature and inlet pressure, our flowmeters are built in accordance with specific norms and standards. We utilize high-quality materials such as aluminum, surface-treated brass, and polycarbonate, guaranteeing reliability throughout the lifespan of the medical device.
The accuracy of flow measurement is one of the most critical specifications for these devices. We pride ourselves on delivering flowmeters with accuracy within 5% of the indicated value, surpassing the industry standard of 10%. This ensures precise and dependable performance.
Our flowmeters can be equipped with various inlet probes, ranging from HTM to DIN Standard, accommodating different requirements. Additionally, we offer the flexibility of using reusable or disposable humidifiers to meet individual preferences.


Min.: 1 l/min (0.26 us gal/min)

Max: 30 l/min (3.96 us gal/min)


0,275 GR



oxyone medical devices flowmeters

All flowmeters manufactured by us are pressure compensated and in both single and dual designs to allow simultaneous dispensing to two patients using a single input source. The body is chrome-plated aluminum with pearl treatment, micrometric fine-adjustment tap with polymer plug, inlet filtration, and chrome-plated brass fittings for both inlet and outlet, usually to be connected to a hose barb or humidifier .

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The measuring assembly (graduated rod and graduated rod cover) is made of polycarbonate, a material with high mechanical strength, thus making this device particularly suitable for heavy-duty use. The operation is simple. just connect the device to a hospital centralized system through the specific gas and Norma (plug-in) connector. once engaged, the flow delivered (0-15lt/min or 0-30lt/min depending on models) is adjusted by the front adjustment flap.

Flow meter with calibrated orifices G1/4″ inlet. , outlet G9/16″, scale 0/15 lt/min (0-0.5-1-1.5-2-3-4-5-6-8-10-15) with pearl aluminum body.

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