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Fairs and Events

Welcome to our section on trade shows

Why is it important for our company to participate in trade fairs?

Nowadays, technology plays a key role in everyday life and allows us to have a close and instant connection between customer and company. But this digital connection is not always enough.


That’s why for us…

having the opportunity to meet people working in the same field as us, and being able to grow our client-portfolio, or just networking gives meaning to participation.

The physical dimension is very important to us; it creates immediate empathy, perhaps with a simple handshake. In addition, being present at a fair with other companies in the same field also allows the exchange of ideas with mutual enhancement of the parties. In addition to partners, participation in trade shows often allows direct acquaintance with possible customers. No less important, these events allow the knowledge of new horizons.

Since 2005 we have participated in the famous MEDICA trade fair in Düsseldorf, and since 2017 we have also been present at ARAB HEALTH in Dubai.


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