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Mobile emergency unit

The Emergency Mobile Unit (EMU) is an ideal solution for hospital wards and intensive care units, ensuring that medical professionals always have access to essential medical gases when required. This unit is constructed entirely from aluminum and steel, featuring two separate and isolated compartments. One compartment houses a high-capacity hospital vacuum pump, while the other contains pressure reducers and cylinders for oxygen and medical air.
The key advantages of our EMU lie in its unique and patented aeration and thermal control pump compartments with forced expulsion. This innovative feature enables precise temperature control in all climatic conditions, making the unit suitable for use even in challenging environments.
Furthermore, the EMU is equipped with two stainless steel rail bars (standard 25×10) that can support breathing apparatus or IV poles during patient care, ensuring convenience and accessibility.
The six terminal units (two oxygen, two breathing air, two vacuums) can be customized to meet your specific requirements, adhering to different standards such as HTM (BS standard) or NF S 90-116 (French).
With the inclusion of lifting and parking wheels, this medical device offers both mobility and stability.
Experience the convenience of our Emergency Mobile Unit, providing medical gases wherever and whenever you need them.


20 Nmc/h @ 800 kPa


149 KG.



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