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Suction containers

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Suction containers

Suction containers are essential components that work in synergy with vacuum regulators and microbiological filters to complete the suction system. These vessels are specifically designed to collect organic fluids during suction procedures and offer a safe and hygienic solution for handling such fluids.

Suction vessels are designed to allow use in high-flow, high-vacuum applications. This means they can handle a significant amount of fluids during suction procedures without compromising system performance or safety. They have been developed using advanced construction technologies and reliable materials to ensure maximum safety from contamination for both operators, suction equipment and the surrounding environment.

The disposable suction vessels are made of high-quality materials that provide the necessary strength and tightness for the safe handling of suctioned organic fluids. They are designed to be compatible with vacuum regulators and microbiological filters, facilitating integration within the existing suction system.

They provide a reliable, safe and hygienic solution for collecting organic fluids during vacuum procedures. Their advanced design and the use of quality materials guarantee maximum safety from contamination and help maintain a clean, risk-free clinical environment for operators and patients.


300cc, 1000cc, 2000cc, 4000cc


ASPI10P 0,5 GR. 

VASO09A 0,460 GR.




Aspirated liquid collection jars of volume 300cc, 100cc, 2000cc,4000cc are available, the 1000cc and 2000cc versions are autoclavable at 121 degrees centigrade, and also available autoclavable at 134 degrees centigrade.

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The 300cc collection vessel is suitable to be connected to the range of vacuum cleaners of the type operating from centralized vacuum system, which from the types of vacuum cleaners operating with venturi system.

The 1000cc 2000cc and 4000ccc collection systems must be used through appropriate support systems.

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