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Welcome to oxyone! Your medical gas device manufacturer

About us 

Welcome to Oxyone, your premier provider of advanced medical gas solutions. Founded in 1991 as DZ Medicale, we have grown into a leader in the medical device industry, specializing in the design and manufacture of oxygen flow meters, hospital bed head units, gas decompression plants, and comprehensive medical gas systems. Our commitment to innovation, customization, and top-tier quality is driven by our Italian heritage and a deep understanding of healthcare needs. Explore our products and see how Oxyone can elevate the standard of care in your facility with our dependable and cutting-edge solutions. 

Join us in advancing healthcare technology and improving patient outcomes across the globe.

Top Products

Our products range from oxygen flowmeters, bed head units, decompression units to the fabrication of entire medical gas systems. Carrying on the line drawn by DZ Medicale we are expanding the choice of medical gas products, introducing different types of decompression units and at the same time accessories to support hospital departments.

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All of our bed head units are made from hardened and tempered 6060 extruded aluminum,

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The lights and electrical composition can be customized, includes ambient, reading and/or visiting light, a night light and a light point suitable for night rest.

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Gas piping, with medical copper pipes conforming to EN 13348 strictly insulated from the electrical part, can also be equipped with terminals for gas units.

Mobile emergency unit


Medical gases where you need more

The Emergency Mobile Unit (EMU) is an ideal solution for hospital wards and intensive care units, ensuring that medical professionals always have access to essential medical gases when required. 

Unique patented aeration

The key advantages of our EMU lie in its unique and patented aeration and thermal control pump compartments with forced expulsion

Steel rail bars

Furthermore, the EMU is equipped with two stainless steel rail bars (standard 25×10) that can support breathing apparatus or IV poles during patient care, ensuring convenience and accessibility.

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are instantaneous variable area flow meters suitable for flow control of medical gases.

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All flowmeters manufactured by us are pressure compensated and in both single and double designs.

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The flow delivered 0-15lt/min or 0-30lt/min depending on the models.

Decompression Units

oxyone medical devices - decompression unit 1

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It is suitable for the administration of laboratory gases.

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The ‘pneumatic shuttle ensures its true autonomy, with exchanges independent of human intervention.

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It guarantees a flow rate of not less than 20 Nmc/h @ 800 kPa.

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Generally used in single-stage distribution systems

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Equipped with a shut-off valve, a power and emergency point for maintenance, and a pressure switch.

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Available equipped with terminal units (various standards)

Stage II reduction groups

oxyone medical devices - second stage reducer

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Are designed to transform 8 bar (or 10 bar) line pressure into end-use pressure at 3.5 bar

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They are mounted in semi-recessed bottom with door, lock with Sicure Lock system and gauge reading window.

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The reduction unit is equipped with Afnor, UNI or NIST sockets.

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